torsdag den 14. april 2016


I don't know where to start. We have received so many beautiful pictures from all our new talented members of the team, seriously how can I choose?? It's close to impossible.

These amazing pictures and beautiful outfit is made by Dani, and this is just one of the outfits she has made, and not only are the outfit really cool but look at this cute little model, I'm in love. You can see more of Dani's amazing work on her facebook page HERE

lørdag den 2. april 2016


Vi søgte for noget tid siden efter 10 talenter på instagram til at sy og tage billeder for os. Det er helt fantastisk og meget inspirerende at se hvad andre finder på at lave med vores stof. 
Vi blev totalt overvældet af alle de tilmeldinger vi fik og det tog os mange timer til sidst at vælge de 10 det skulle være. 

Vi fik sent dem noget stof og vi kan nu begynde at dele billeder af deres helt fantastiske resultater. 
Først er der billeder fra talentfulde Taija fra Finland i kan se hendes Instagram konto HER


We searched for some time ago after 10 talents on instagram to sew and take pictures for us. It's so inspiring and amazing to see what other kreativ people do with our fabric. And we are truly grateful that people want to give us there time and sew for us. We sometimes need to pinch our self just to make sure it's real. 

We were totally overwhelmed by all the entries we received and it took us many hours to do the impossible and select the 10 seamstresses, but we finally did. It's very exiting that we can now start to reveal some of there work, and I can tell you, it's mind blowing, and I have to control myself not to just post all the pictures at once, but that would be fair to there work or the beautiful pictures they have taken, so we will make a post for every one of them. 

First there are pictures from talented Taija from Finland. You can see and follow (if you wan't) her Instagram account HERE. She has amazing techniques, and especially the sweatshirt on the top picture is amazing, I have never seen one just like it.